Welcome to Baobab LIMS’s documentation!

Baobab LIMS is an open-source laboratory information management system (LIMS) software that will ensure that researchers can track the lifecycle of a biospecimen in the laboratory from receipt to storage and reuse. This software ensures that sufficient metadata is captured..

An open source LIMS for human Biobanks. Baobab is a common name given to nine tree species in different countries in the world, mostly in Africa. Baobab LIMS written in Plone, a python framework known for its robustness, and inherits some modules from Bika LIMS.

The code is open source, and available on GitHub.

The main documentation for the site is organized into a couple sections:

  • user-docs
  • feature-docs
  • about-docs

Information about development is also available:

  • dev-docs
  • design-docs

This website covers project information for BaobabLIMS such as the changelog, contribution guidelines, development roadmap, news/blog, and so forth. Detailed usage and API documentation can be found at our code documentation site, docs.fabfile.org.

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